Experience class

Experience class

Dancing Connections is currently offering a taster session to groups.  Please get in contact to book this experience of creative, connected dance.

In this session you will be introduced to dancing and moving to music in a mindful, fun way, exploring:

  • Mindful awareness of your moving body – discover who you are and how you move
  • Creative musical play – bringing out your unique creativity
  • Connecting through dance – sharing your dance with other people

Benefits gained from dancing:

Body Awareness:

  • Discover you: Through bringing conscious awareness to how you hold yourself and move through life you deepen your understanding and appreciation of who you are in life.
  • Improve your posture: The more you are able to perceive your body the more aware you become of your posture enabling you to consciously engage with your muscles and move thorough stuck patterns which you may not have previously been aware of.
  • Enjoy moving and dancing: The more you are able to move, the more you can creatively express yourself through dance.

Creative musical play:

  • Express your creativity: Let your inner creative out by playing with rhythm and melody, inspired by the music.
  • Having fun: Go wild and improvise your own steps; find out what moves you

Connecting through dance:

  • Sharing a dance with someone else: Learn how to move with another person and create one dance together
  • Feeling uplifted: Tap into the creativity of your dance partner (or the whole group) and feel uplifted by the energy you create together.
  • Improve your personal connections: Connecting to others through dance helps you consciously explore and improve your relationships with other people

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