I hold classes and dances for people who want to learn and experience dance in a mindful and creative way.  Get in touch with musical rhythms and let your inner-dancer out.

To feel connected to your creativity, music and other people, join a class or take a look through the articles.

The wonderful benefits of dancing?

Understand yourself better

When you slow down and bring awareness to how you move you discover more about yourself. This improves your posture, your co-ordination and you find freedom and flow in your movements.  Not only that, but you develop a new appreciation for yourself.

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Express your creativity

Let your inner creative out by playing with rhythm and melody, inspired by the music.  Go wild and improvise your own steps; find out what moves you.

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Connect with other people

Learn how to move with another person and create one dance together.  Dancing with other people leaves you feeling uplifted and energized.  You also improve your personal connections as you mindfully explore dancing as a couple or in a group.

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